The IUP Journal of Organizational Behavior
Metaverse and Future of Work: Avenues and Challenges

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Pub. Date : April, 2023
Product Name : The IUP Journal of Organizational Behavior
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Author Name : Swati Singh and Sita Vanka
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Metaverse is the next generation of the Internet that will impact the way individuals live, interact, and work. Metaverse is expected to revolutionize workplaces in the future. While there is increased discussion on the influence of metaverse at workplace, there is minimal evidence that highlights the use-cases issues, concerns, and practical problems related to the use of metaverse at work. The paper attempts to address this issue and provide an overview of definitions of the metaverse and outline the differences between traditional, contemporary, and metaverse workplaces. The paper's contribution to scholarship is made concrete through the discussion of potential avenues and use cases of metaverse at work, as well as issues and challenges delineating propositions linked to it. To this end, we discuss potential avenues of metaverse at work in training and development, collaboration and teamwork, alleviation of work alienation, and onboarding. We also discuss the issues of ergonomic and ethical considerations, along with technostress pertaining to the use of metaverse at work.


Metaverse appears to be the most hyped word in recent times. The volume of searches for the word "metaverse" has immensely proliferated. Metaverse refers to a shared, decentralized, 3D digital world where individuals can enter, work and play. Most of the top IT organizations have bet high on this technology (e.g., Meta, Microsoft, Google, etc.) and its use is different verticals, e.g., advertising and promotions, among others. Similarly, early precursors to the impact of metaverse indicate that it may impact training and development, learning, collaboration, and communication in the workplace. As metaverse is highly scalable, real-time 3D provides synchronicity and persistence with the possibility of continuity of data, identity, and history, it presents several opportunities for the workplace as well. Early research in the area of the implication of metaverse at workplaces indicates that it can provide immersive experiences to employees. For instance,