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Reliability Modeling, Cost-Benefit Analysis with Inspection, Repair and Replacement Facility for Optical Fiber Network in DCRUST

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Pub. Date : May, 2020
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Author Name : Puja Rani, Manoj Duhan
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Subject/Domain : Engineering
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The paper makes a survey of the optical fiber network installed at Deenbandhu Chhotu Ram University of Science and Technology (DCRUST) using reliability analysis, cost-benefit analysis and performance evaluation. Various reliability modeling-related aspects to calculate the reliability of the system have been analyzed. The proposed Markov model includes two units: one is operative unit and the other is hotstandby unit. Hotstandby unit is an optical fiber-based ring which acts as a protection ring. Operative unit is Optical Fiber Cable (OFC) of DCRUST. If working path (operative unit) fails, communication is done through protection path (hotstandby); if both units fail, then the whole system fails. Inspection, repair and replacement are done by regular repairman. The paper also includes a study of various measures of system effectiveness, different reliability parameters to evaluate profit and other measures related to the system. Graphical analysis between various system parameters has also been made.


Various reliability models have been established by a number of researchers (Arora, 1977; Mitsuo, 1981; Duhan et al., 2004a and 2004b; Jasdev et al., 2011; Mohit et al., 2012; Lawan et al., 2013; Duhan and Anil, 2014; Gulshan and Sonia, 2016; and Sonia and Gulshan, 2017; Puja and Manoj, 2018) by considering different values for different systems which are hypothetical. Some researchers analyzed the reliability model by collecting real data. Arora (1977) and Mitsuo (1981) obtained various state probabilities and Mean Time to System Failure (MTSF) for standby redundant system for different devices. Duhan et al. (2004b) analyzed two unit hot and cold standby PLC system for corrective and preventive maintenances with two types of repairs. Jasdev et al. (2011) calculated various measures of reliability by introducing inspection policy with two identical cold standby systems. Lawan et al. (2013) studied a system consisting of two warm standby units and developed explicit expression for various measures. Duhan and Anil (2014) examined a practical industrial case by considering all types of possible scenarios. Sonia and Gulshan (2017) studied reliability modeling and cost-benefit analysis of some redundant technical systems.


Optical Fiber Cable (OFC), Optical Fiber Ring (OFR), Reliability, Availability, Mean Time to System Failure (MTSF)

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