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The Effect of Facilitating Conditions on Behavioral Intention of Farmers Towards National Agriculture Market (eNAM)

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Pub. Date : May, 2021
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Author Name : Narender Singh Negi and Reshma Nasreen
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India is an agrarian economy as more than half of the Indian population1 (GOI, 2016) depends on agriculture for their livelihood. Due to the advent of Green Revolution, the agricultural produce increased manifold, but marketing of agriculture produce is still governed by the age-old provisions of Agricultural Produce Marketing Regulation Acts (APMRA). The Government of India launched National Agriculture Market (eNAM) to solve the problems of agriculture marketing. This study focuses on the effect of facilitating conditions on the behavioral intention of farmers towards eNAM.


In India agriculture marketing activities are regulated by Agriculture Produce Market Committee (APMC), which is established and regulated by the respective State Agriculture Produce Market Committee Acts (State APMC Act). The APMC does not allow the traders to buy from the farmers outside of the APMC, resulting in increase of marketing cost (Acharya and Agarwal, 2004). Monopolistic practices and modalities of the APMC have prevented private investment in this sector. Agricultural markets in India are underdeveloped and imperfect, and lack both horizontal and vertical integration (Pavithra et al., 2018). This reduces producers' share in consumer's rupee, especially in the case of perishable commodities and the buyer ends up paying higher prices for the produce. Price discovery is not transparent and underpricing is quite common in these markets. Lack of infrastructure, transportation, grading and adequate standards are other major problems. To solve these problems, the Government of India (GoI) launched National Agriculture Market (eNAM).


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