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The Impact of 5S Practices on the Performance of Manufacturing Industry: An Empirical Investigation

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Pub. Date :May, 2021
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Author Name : Jagdeep Singh, Harwinder Singh and Pardeep Singh
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5S is a Lean manufacturing tool for workplace improvement. This study has been carried out in the manufacturing industry of Punjab to determine the role of 5S practices in performance improvement. A questionnaire survey has been conducted to analyze the various aspects of 5S practices. Various initiatives, including top management involvement and employee involvement in 5S initiatives, are assessed for their role in performance improvement, using structural equation modeling. Reliability of various constructs has been measured along with discriminant validity of constructs. Descriptive statistics has been calculated for various benefits to assess the important benefits that occurred. The results indicate that 5S practices significantly contribute to performance improvement.


5S is a Lean manufacturing tool for cleaning, sorting, organizing and providing necessary groundwork for workplace improvement. In other words, 5S means good housekeeping. It consists of five Japanese works which describe standardized clean up. These are explained as follows:

  • 1S Seiri (Sort): Seiri is the first S in 5S system, which basically deals with the availability of materials and process of product manufacturing.
  • 2S Seiton (Straighten/Set in order): Seiton is second S of 5S system which deals with the proper arrangement of equipment and tools on the shop floor. The main objectives of Seiton are forming a regular workplace, avoiding time loss while searching the material and mistake proofing work.


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