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Concepts, Technologies and Future Scope of 6G Cellular Network: A Review

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Pub. Date : May' 2021
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Author Name : Rejwan Bin Sulaiman and Amer Kareem
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The world is getting into the practice of implementing 5G network on a business scale and research is covering the limits Beyond 5G (B5G) and 6G. The concept of 6G network is based on the effective performance as compared with the previous network generations. Those performance parameters include higher Quality of Service (QoS), system capacity, higher data rate, low latency and high availability. The technology and concept of 6G network are considered by the researchers while taking into account the progression and advancement in mobile applications. The paper explores various trends followed by 6G network in terms of its operation and efficiency. It also considers the use of its architectural design which is supported by the combination of emerging technologies, notably, Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), 3D featured coverage and advanced protocols to promise higher efficiency.


Since the development of various standards of 5G network, the implementation of 5G network has already started to be commercialized by different network joints like EE (First to test in the UK), Vodafone and O2. The concept and technologies of 5G network are introducing the world to much better and efficient data-rate, speed, coverage, network-latency and also the scalability in contrast to the previous generations (Soldani and Manzalini, 2015). Although the commercialization of mobile network is followed by the research and development of the standards successfully, as the phase of deployment is followed, the research on the next generation sets its way to keep track of moving forward in the digital technology. Though the implementation of the 5G network is at its initial stage, the researchers have already started working on the techniques and standards of the future generation of wireless telecommunication, i.e., 6G. Figure 1 illustrates the generation of a cellular network concerning the time frame.


6G network, Future of 5G, Beyond 5G (B5G), Mobile architecture, Future mobile network, 6G

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