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Factors Affecting Fitness Motivation: An Exploratory Mixed Method Study

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Pub. Date : May, 2022
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Author Name :Abdul Wahid Khan1, Anisha Kumari, Subhankar Mandal and Shivali Bhardwaj
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Subject/Domain : Marketing
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Obesity, an increasing concern worldwide, has made consumers more health-conscious. They are shifting towards regulating their food choices to limit calorie intake or engaging in physical exercises to burn calories. Though many studies have focused on food marketing and consumption choices, few studies have focused on consumers' physical fitness behavior, especially on consumer motivation for fitness activities. This paper aims to explore the factors that motivate consumers towards fitness activities. The study applied the sequential mixed methods approach. First, 10 qualitative in-depth interviews revealed 33 items of consumer motivation to be used for the survey. Second, a quantitative survey of 113 participants and Exploratory Factor Analysis were conducted. It was found that six factors consisting of 25 items with high reliability (α > 0.8) motivate consumers towards fitness activities: individual positive outcomes, social benefits and acceptability, reference group influence, self-motivation, concern about physical appearance, and disease avoidance. The study explores novel motivating factors for consumer fitness activities and contributes to the growing literature on consumer fitness and wellbeing.


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