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Post-Purchase Dissonance Among Laptop Consumers in India

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Pub. Date : May, 2022
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Author Name :Ranjith Somasundaran Chakkambath, Ansted Iype Joseph, Rekha Maitra and Joel Sam Jacob
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Subject/Domain : Marketing
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Brands need to focus on the entire customer journey and deliver excellent experiences to delight customers. Post-purchase experiences are critical to the success of a brand in today's marketplace. This holds true especially in the case of consumer electronics products. This study investigates the post-purchase satisfaction and dissonance of 308 laptop buyers in India. 'Basic functions and features', 'pricing and post-purchase experience', 'product design', 'pre-loaded software and durability', 'video and audio capabilities', 'gaming capability' and 'battery life and connectivity' were found to influence the satisfaction of buyers. Post-purchase dissonance was found to comprise three factors: 'emotional state', 'self-assurance' and 'deal concerns'. A key finding of the study is that online buyers had significantly lower values across all three factors of dissonance. The study provides insights for retailers and brands to understand the postpurchase satisfaction and dissonance of laptop buyers.


In this competitive environment of electronic devices, technological advances are playing a major role in providing effective design, functionality, efficiency and reliability (Santandreu et al., 2018). Previous studies have mentioned that laptops are the most popular products in the consumer electronics market (lbahar et al., 2020).

At one point of time, laptops were considered luxury gadgets, but now in the present technology-rich world, they are not only handy but also include many features that are designed for portability and convenience. Laptops have become an important part and great choice for the college students and working professionals (Vanaja and Anbarasu, 2020). Recent research observed that laptops are multifunctional and are utilized for various purposes; thus, the increasing need for laptops is the factor behind the rise in demand and the increasing competitiveness among laptop brands such as HP, Dell,