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Miliraa - Food from the Roots of Our Culture

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Pub. Date : June, 2020
Product Name : The IUP Journal of Brand Management
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Author Name Charumathi S, Smitha V, Nivethaa Jeeva, Raman P and R Harish
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Subject/Domain : Marketing
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The objective of the paper is to prepare a strategic brand development plan for a hypothetical brand proposed to be marketed in the real-life Indian context. The scope of work includes presenting the relevance and context for getting into the proposed business and explaining the brand concept, the proposed brand's identity elements (i.e., its name, logo, etc.), brand positioning, marketing programs, plans for the future including possible brand extensions and plans for wider geographical coverage and distribution. The paper addresses these aspects for a hypothetical brand 'Miliraa', which is proposed as a brand that provides food based on traditional and forgotten Indian recipes, as a service to restaurants.


Providing food-related service to restaurants is itself a new idea. It is like "carrying coal to New Castle". The service is proposed to be provided in the form of traditional and forgotten recipes to existing restaurants for a fixed fee and/or for a royalty based on sales (Figure 1). The recipes would be offered under a distinct brand name which would be prominently displayed in the partner restaurants along with the menu and prices. The ingredients, cooking and serving procedure would be standardized to ensure uniformity.

The brand name and the type of menu offered would be widely publicized through various media so that people flock to restaurants which offer food under this brand name, looking for the same. The existing cooks in the partner restaurants will be trained in preparing the specified foods; where the demand is more, there could be an exclusive cook preparing these dishes.


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