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Developing and Using Cases in Graphic Novel Format for Management Education

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Pub. Date : Jun' 2020
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In recent years, cases in innovative formats, such as graphic novel formats, have attracted the attention of management instructors. Leading case publishing schools, including Harvard Business School, ICFAI Business School Hyderabad and IMD, have experimented with this exciting format. While the early adaptors have taken these cases to their classrooms and benefitted from better engagement with the students, unfamiliarly with this case format has prevented many others from availing of the benefits provided by this rich visual medium. Way back in 2006, Professor William A Fischer (Fischer) of IMD and Research Associate Rebecca Chung developed two cases in graphic novel format as part of a suite of cases that formed a major part of a course on doing business in China. The two cases 'Michael Faye Gets a New Assignment' and 'Antonio Scarsi Takes Command' were in an innovative cartoon illustration format, and went on to become award-winning cases. This paper is prepared based on an in-depth interview with Fischer regarding his motivation in developing this cases series in a graphic novel format. It also strives to understand the process of developing these cases and how to use them effectively in order to realize the learning outcomes. Fischer's experience in developing this case can provide vital learning to other instructors interested in pedagogical innovations, whether it is to develop such cases themselves or in using graphic cases in their own classroom.


Instructors in management schools have always wanted to make their classrooms more vibrant and engaging for the students. There are many distractions for students both inside and outside the classroom whether they are undergraduate or graduate for executive education students. Even educators who rely on the relatively more engaging case method of teaching have expressed concerns over inadequate preparation of students, their reluctance to read the assigned case and their relatively lower attention spans (Purkayastha, 2019).

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