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Homeland Development Initiative Foundation Searching for Balance Between Social Purpose and Entrepreneurship

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Pub. Date : Jun' 2020
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Anahit Mkhoyan, Executive Director of Homeland Development Initiative Foundation (HDIF) suddenly found herself in the driving seat of the Armenia-based social enterprise. HDIF was focusing its activity on three strategic directions: (1) sales of handicrafts, (2) organization of festivals for tourism development, and (3) empowerment of rural communities in Armenia. She needed to decide which direction she should take the foundation to. There are basically two possibilities: the first is to continue what the foundation is doing, i.e., to emphasize the social purpose of the organization and thus remain heavily dependent on the founder's investment; and the second is to shift to an economically promising area of ecotourism.

Anahit Mkhoyan started her morning by checking her e-mails, as usual. One of the e-mails made her stop and think. It was from Timothy Straight, founder of the Homeland Development Initiative Foundation (HDIF) who had been in Kurunegala, Sri Lanka for more than a month already. He was writing he was not coming back. That would mean that Anahit would presumably be the one to take over the organization. Anahit was hired 8 months ago as the Executive Director at HDIF to help Tim setup an organizational strategy for HDIF to pursue. Having ever to replace Tim was not even discussed. Today, unexpectedly she realized she is in charge of the foundation Tim literally crafted with his own hands. Where will the organization be heading if Tim never comes back? Will HDIF further continue empowering women, will it carry on with rural development and social inclusion, or will it focus more on an economically promising area of eco-tourism? Will the foundation be able to sustain without Tim?

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