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Intuition and Decision-Making: Business and Sports Leaders

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Pub. Date : June, 2020
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Author Name :George J Koshy, Kurt A April, Babar Dharani
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Subject/Domain : Management
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The paper studies the role of intuition in the decision-making of business leaders and sports leaders with three objectives: (i) to identify the key factors that influenced intuition-based decision-making; (ii) to propose a theoretical model for intuition-based decision-making; and (iii) to compare intuition-based decision-making skills in leaders from both business and the sports industry. The study comprised reviewing the extant literature on decision-making theories and a theoretical model was proposed, possible factors that could influence intuition-based decision-making were identified, and 12 business leaders and 12 sports leaders were interviewed to further investigate, relate and compare possible factors that could have had effects on intuition-based decision-making. Fourteen constructs/themed factors were identified: cognitive, consequence, customs, emotions, environment, experiences, extrasensory, individual, information, learning, people, supernatural, training and traits. The findings of this research indicated that the factors that influenced intuition-based decision-making in both business leaders and sports leaders were similar.


In the past, decision-making was believed to be more of a cognitive or rational process than an intuitive or non-rational process (Bohm and Brun, 2008). In 2001, Hogarth stated that the topic of intuition in scientific psychology has not attracted a great deal of attention-however, over the years, the relevance of intuition in decision-making has been increasingly explored (Hogarth, 2001; Sayegh et al., 2004; Klein, 2004; Sadler-Smith and Sparrow, 2007; Plessner et al., 2008; Salas, Rosen and DiazGranados, 2010; Liebowitz, 2019; and Snyder, 2019). The research explores and identify key factors that influence intuition-based decision-making in business leaders and sports leaders.


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