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'Leadership Toxicity': Our Own Corporate 'Covid-Tox' Pandemic

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Pub. Date : June, 2020
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Author Name :Michael Walton
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Workplace toxicity is prevalent in many organizations. The paper suggests that 'Leadership Toxicity' can be likened to a coronavirus-like virus-'Covid-Tox'-and that this will be present within many, if not all, business organizations. At their heart organizations are cauldrons of conflicting emotions and tensions as people go about advancing their own ambitions and objectives. As such we should expect, plan for and guard against the harmful effects of such behavior especially from those in positions of executive power and responsibility. Three key factors are outlined which, when combined, seem likely to result in a 'toxic mix' and thus should be examined and monitored with considerable care and attention in order to reduce the likelihood of Covid-Tox overwhelming an organization.


The world around us is traumatized by the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic triggering unparalleled collaborations in the search for vaccines with which to halt the spread of this deadly disease.

Across the world of business, however, we have our own equivalent to the Covid-19 virus which I will refer to as 'Covid-Tox'. It is a wide-reaching virus capable of infecting every facet of business life. It damages people psychologically, stunts and paralyzes organizational functioning, wrecks the bottom line and corrupts people and organizations. Any notions of trusting, ethical behavior-and mutual, respectful collegiality-come under threat and are at risk of being ripped apart and rendered into fragmented and meaningless particles.


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