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Pub. Date : June, 2020
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Author Name :Colin Coulson-Thomas
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Immediate, long-term and potentially game-changing challenges, related public and other stakeholder concerns, and government interventions require and/or demand rapid changes of behavior and transition to different models of organization, operation, business and governance. Innovation is required in the nature, characteristics, purposes, priorities and strategies of organizations and their processes, activities and relationships with stakeholders. Directors and boards have both immediate and long-term issues to address. The paper explores many questions and matters they need to consider when leading innovation if it is to result in more flexible, inclusive, resilient, responsive, responsible and supportive organizations and create a simpler, healthier and more fulfilling and sustainable future.


Organizational innovation could refer to innovation within an organizational context and/or to innovation in the nature, characteristics, purposes or strategies of organizations. Many organizations have evolved and changed since their original foundation. Others may be currently in the process of transition from one form or situation to another, for example, to a different structure or business model, or to cope with a crisis such as a pandemic or become a higher performance organization. Some organizations are designed or redesigned for particular purposes. These can change. Regardless of an organization's purpose and the sector in which it operates, and whichever type of innovation one is considering, are their certain priorities and constraints that need to be considered? In particular, how might and should a global challenge such as sustainability, the loss of biodiversity, environmental degradation and/or climate change affect the nature and purpose of innovation and innovation priorities?


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