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Inspirational and/or Contextual Covid-19 Crisis Leadership

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Pub. Date : June, 2021
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Author Name : Colin Coulson-Thomas
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Inspirational leadership is one of many different forms of leadership. The Covid-19 pandemic provides an opportunity to assess its relevance in relation to other approaches in the context of decision making during this international public health crisis. The experience suggests the relevance of inspirational leadership may vary over the course of a pandemic and according to the nature of the society and culture concerned. The requirement may be for a competent contextual and situational form of leadership that is appropriate, relevant and supportive in the circumstances, rather than one which is consciously and/or noticeably inspirational. For many medical practitioners, health professionals and emergency workers who are inwardly motivated, whether or not leadership is authentic or inspirational may be less important than whether it is contextual and regarded as effective, timely, responsible and proportionate, messages from leaders are clear and unambiguous, and their decisions are thought to be balanced and fair and to reflect evidence and scientific advice.


Inspirational leadership is one of many different kinds of leadership, whether individual or collective or of a particular team, group, community or organization. Forms of leadership that are desirable or should be avoided can vary depending upon the arena, context or sector, the situation and circumstances, aspirations and priorities, and also one's perspective (Coulson-Thomas, 2021b). Community, corporate and team leadership and business, social, political, scientific, intellectual, moral, thought and other forms of leadership can also overlap and combine in different ways according to challenge, opportunity and changing requirements.


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