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Inspirational Leadership: What Is It and How to Get There?

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Pub. Date : June, 2021
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Author Name :Stephanie Jones* and Martijn Lamberti-Henquet**
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Inspirational leadership is being a positive influence, motivating others. The authors of this paper have identified seven attributes for would-be inspiration leaders. Commitment to values lies at the heart of truly effective inspirational leaders. Investment in personal development does not have to relate to education specifically, but can be learned through experience. Radiating authenticity involves showing vulnerability-we all make mistakes. Being a skillful communicator can include body language, eye contact or even a meaningful pause to make an impact. Encouraging unity suggests facilitating collaboration within the team. Being approachable and inclusive, based on listening rather than speaking, where diversity is valued, where respecting the differences in others is applauded-can be very inspirational. Finally, embracing vulnerability and risk and being willing to take steps and risks without having a guarantee of the outcomes being successful-can all add up to being an inspirational leader.


ecoming an inspirational leader is a journey. Like all journeys, sometimes we are prepared and sometimes we are not. Sometimes, it goes smoothly and in a predictable way. Sometimes, it is rough and does not work out according to plan. Sometimes, we reach the destination, sometimes we do not.

Leadership-and in particular inspirational leadership-does not come from an accident How to inspire and engage hundreds of young people who suddenly found themselves back living at home with all its restrictions after the freedom of the USA? Controlling a classroom-let alone imparting any knowledge-became the first task. With limited options for reward and punishment, inspiration was one of the few tools left in the kitbag.


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