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American Versus French Brand Identity Paradigms: A Comparative Study

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Pub. Date : June, 2023
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Author Name : Henrik Uggla
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Subject/Domain : Marketing
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Brand identity means to brand strategy what strategic intent means to business strategy. It revolves around brand promise and associations to specific entities; however; it deviates with respect to different global perspectives. A comparison of the American perspective on brand identity with the French perspective shows that they deviate in important respects and overlap in others. The two perspectives are discussed in-depth in this paper. It is argued that the branded world needs both these perspectives and that they can cross-fertilize each other in many ways.


The aim of this study is to psychologically compare American perspective on brand identity with French perspective and discuss possible strategic implications of both.

Brand Identity System Versus Brand Identity Prisma
The study describes the most important facets of brand identity system and brand identity prisma, how these models deviate in various ways-structurally and strategically, and how they overlap in others. The level of alignment in various groups of brand associations and its strategic implications will also be touched upon.