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Digital Branding Through Delivery: An Empirical Study of Amazon's Experience

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Pub. Date : June, 2023
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Author Name : M Prasanna Mohan Raj and Chandan Kumar D
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Subject/Domain : Marketing
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The digital brand of Amazon is based on customer-centricity, continuous innovation and delivering excellent customer service. Competition is heating up the digital market space, with more players joining the fray. E-commerce leader Amazon mainly depends on its delivery service for the final products reach customers. The hassle-free distribution is indispensable for customer satisfaction. Any issue caused during this process can lead to customer dissatisfaction and failure of customer retention. To achieve superior status against their competitors, Amazon strives to have the best delivery system in place. The paper explores the problems often faced by customers and also identifies the factors that lead to customer satisfaction with respect to delivery. Exploratory factor analysis was performed to carry out the said objective.


Started in 1994, Amazon is one of the world's most recognized companies on the Internet.1 Once an online bookstore, today Amazon has become a global e-commerce platform, offering an array of services and products.2 The digital brand of Amazon is based on customer-centricity, continuous innovation, and excellent customer service. Amazon has revolutionized online shopping with its user-friendly interface, personalized suggestions, and speedy shipping via Amazon Prime. Furthermore, Amazon's foray into several areas, such as cloud computing with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and entertainment streaming with Prime Video, has strengthened its digital brand presence. It has expanded and diversified its products through smart acquisitions and partnerships, while maintaining its position as a leader in the digital marketplace.