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Pub. Date : June' 2023
Product Name : Effective Executive
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Author Name : Colin Coulson-Thomas
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Subject/Domain : Management
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The relevance and value of coaching and other development support delivered, instigated or received by busy directors and boards can depend upon whether it reflects their requirements, priorities and distinct directorial responsibilities and accountabilities in the situations, circumstances and contexts in which they operate, and the challenges and opportunities that confront them. It should reflect their availability and preferences, the distinction between direction and management, the differing perspectives and involvements of executive and non-executive directors, changing requirements during transition and transformation journeys, and the need for adaptation, resilience, innovation, entrepreneurship, collaboration and collective responses to multiple challenges, existential threats and related opportunities. Directors and boards often find it difficult to identify potential sources of current, relevant and authoritative advice. The provision, relevance and potential value of coaching and other development support should reflect director and board agendas, ethical and other dilemmas they face, and issues and questions they and their leadership teams might or ought to consider.


Accumulating international experience, supported by mounting and consistent scientific evidence, indicates that the negative impacts of human activities upon the environment, ecosystems and our future prospects continue to increase (Dasgupta, 2021; IPCC, 2022c and 2023; and UNEP, 2022). The consequences suggest urgent, aligned and corporate and collective action is required. Positive messages and appeals to shorter-term interests may have traditionally attracted custom and support, but should more business and political leaders confront realities, change direction and act more effectively to confront existential threats? Are the moods of stakeholders and the public changing? Are their aspirations and priorities evolving? What are the repercussions for business leadership, strategy, excellence and innovation? How prepared are current organizations to confront strategic risks and changes underway in their operating contexts? Do their purpose, priorities, strategies and support require review?