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Case Study
Zumba: Rocking the Fitness World with Creativity and a Customer-Centric Model

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Pub. Date : June, 2023
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The case study discusses the entrepreneurship journey of Colombian dancer and choreographer Alberto Perez (Perez), who developed 'Zumba' that went on to become the world's largest branded fitness program. The case starts by giving a brief background on Perez and how he came to develop Zumba. It then documents his early days in the United States and his journey to establishing Zumba Fitness, LLC with two young Colombian Americans, Alberto Perlman (Perlman) and Alberto Aghion (Aghion), who were on the lookout for business opportunities. Along with details of the trio's tryst with various business models for the company, it mentions Zumba Fitness' customer-centric strategies that focused on instructors who were considered to be the company's partners and brand ambassadors, which eventually benefitted the company. A brief glimpse is provided into the reasons for the cult-like following that Zumba has and the challenges that the company faced. Can Zumba Fitness continue to have a strong following in the fitness industry, which is characterized by fast-changing trends, considering the growing menace of counterfeiting?

Have passion and perseverance. It's like fishing - you have to throw the bait. You throw it once, and the fish might not bite, so you have to throw it again and again, until it bites.1

- Alberto Beto Perez, Co-Founder of Zumba Fitness,
LLC, in March 2022.

Our purpose at Zumba is to change lives through health, wellness, and overall happiness.2

- Alberto Perlman, CEO, CMO, and Co-Founder
of Zumba Fitness, LLC, in October 2014.


On August 6, 2022, a fitness center called Penwortham3 Zumba Fitness hosted the "Zumba Summer Party 22" with three certified Zumba instructors to raise funds and promote awareness about the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Great Britain.4 Speaking about how Zumba had changed his life for the better despite his suffering from a debilitating condition, Jaime Kirby, a participant at the fitness center, said, "I was diagnosed over ten years ago with multiple sclerosis. Zumba has been such a big part of my life. Without it, I would not have pushed myself, building my physical and mental strength. Through classes, I have made friendships for life, had so much fun and so many giggles! The support of friends around you is a huge part of Zumba, and I'm grateful for that and always want to share it."5