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Shift Strategic Algorithm for Intranet Over Cloud

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Pub. Date : Jul, 2020
Product Name : The IUP Journal of Computer Sciences
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Author Name : Abebe Alambo Tona, Durga Prasad Sharma
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Subject/Domain : Management
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Intranet and intranetwares have become a central junction/platform for implementing the organization's specific work culture. In order to ensure smooth and effective communication, computing and collaboration among employees, intranets play an important role. For vertical and horizontal management, intranetwares are used for directing, reporting, collaborating, socializing, communicating and meeting or discussing the professional and social issues. Today, cloud-based computing, communication and collaboration have created new frontiers and emerging paradigms towards re-engineering of work cultures in the organizations. In order to enhance performance with extended features, next-generation computing and communication need migration of intranets. As a primary observation, 'haves and have not' are serious issues in on-premise intranet versus intranet over cloud. The paper answers the research questions as to how an alternative technology strategy or pathway can be explored for enhancing the performance and extending the features of educational intranets, and how an on-premise intranet can be shifted/migrated over cloud platforms with enhanced performance and extended/add-on features. Upon analysis of collected facts, a clear need for performance enhancement was observed with add-on features over intranets. The study investigates and analyzes the issues and challenges, i.e., features and performances of the current state-of-the-art of the intranets in general and on-premise intranet of Arba Minch University (AMU) in specific. Finally, an intranet shift/migration strategic algorithm over hybrid cloud was designed and developed using SaaS (i.e., AMU CloudNet). The interact intranet was used for designing the functional prototype and demonstrated that computing, communication and collaboration services can be enhanced anytime, anywhere with boundaryless access.


An intranet is a set of networks, which uses Internet protocol and IP-based tools such as web browsers and file transfer applications under the control of a single administrative entity. Most commonly, an intranet is the internal network of an organization, which typically has at least one web server to provide users with organizational information. It is a network designed for distributing the information resources to each individual within the organization domain using TCP/IP or may be other protocol-based technologies. It is commonly used in different types of organizations and has many similarities to internet, but the difference is that an intranet is local, while the internet is global; in other words, an intranet (a secure information-sharing system) uses data stored on an internal corporate network, while the internet uses data stored on the servers all around the world. The intranet is privately-owned by an organization, however, internet is not owned by a single organization. By its definition, internet is "a worldwide network of networks". The purpose of an intranet differs according to the type of organization where it is implemented (Vivek and Tim, 2017; Yadav and Keswani, 2017; and Yadav et al., 2017a and 2017b). et al., 2011).


Intranetware, Communication, Shift strategy algorithm, Cloud computing, On-Premise intranet

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