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The Mediating Effect of Student Engagement on the Relationship Between Student Aspiration and Organizational Citizenship Behavior

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Pub. Date : July, 2020
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Author Name : David Jawahar and Rekhapriyadharshini
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Educational institutions have strived for excellence (Nadaf and Siddiqui, 2016) and the labor has not always been productive and satisfying (Brusoni et al., 2014). Hitherto, much has been researched and said about aspirations, student engagement and Organizational Citizenship Behavior (OCB). But a plausible model that explains the right relationship of these vital factors has not been attempted so far. This study puts forward a model that primarily proves that effective student engagement mediates the relationship between students aspirations and OCB. It also discusses in detail the dimensions of aspirations, student engagement and OCB that could matter in the provision of high quality education.


Higher education is an integral part of service industry, and consequently measurement of the quality of this service is not easy. Its success depends on the level of student engagement, connectedness and commitment with the institution. The number of institutions of higher education has increased exponentially (Sheik, 2017), but still there is disparity in the dimensions of growth of these institutions (Antoninis et al., 2016). It is not only important to increase the number of such institutions, but it is equally important to ensure the quality of education these institutions provide. The number of institutions that actually engage students scientifically or effectively is meager. It must be remembered that quality of higher education is essential for developing skilled human resources (Singh, 2015). Institutions should maintain an environment conducive to students in order to obtain or exhibit their full potential (Dahlgaard et al., 2011). However,


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