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Knowledge Management for Human Resources: A Bibliometric Analysis

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Pub. Date : July, 2023
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Author Name : Deeksha and Kamlesh Rani
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Subject/Domain : Management
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The relevance of knowledge management is growing day by day. Every firm concentrates on creating knowledge management strategies to survive in this dynamic environment, brought on by increased competition and globalization. Knowledge management is the key to success in business operations, particularly in the service sector, where buyers depend on knowledge of human resources. Hence, it is essential to look at the contributions in this field. The primary objective of this study is to do a bibliometric analysis of the role of knowledge management in human resource management, with a view to gaining a broad understanding of the previous research, current state, and trends in specific areas of business management.


Knowledge management is becoming more and more relevant due to the dynamism of the competitive environment and its increasing prevalence. Any organization, whether big or small, private or public, must include knowledge management practices to survive in this complex environment and gain a competitive advantage. Knowledge management is not a new concept. As per Horton, this concept, introduced in 1980, recognized the economic and cultural worth of information through expert systems and artificial intelligence (Horton 1979, cited in Ponelis and Fairer-Wessels, 2014). Since then, this concept has gained momentum day by day. In the business and organizational world, knowledge management was first introduced in 1995 (Chen and Chen, 2006).