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The Impact of Product Quality Dimension on Consumer Satisfaction Derived from Brands: A Study on e-Rickshaw Battery Brands in India

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Pub. Date : May, 2020
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Building a strong brand is essential for every business to gain higher market share and higher return on investment. But a strong brand is required to create satisfied consumers, and one of the most important and basic ways of creating a satisfied consumer is by providing quality products and/or services to the consumers. A brand’s pursuit to attain higher level of consumer satisfaction and creating a loyal customer base largely depends upon the quality of the product offered under the brand name. Although theoretical studies have provided constructs of product quality dimensions, very few empirical researches are found to validate them. Studies related to the impact of different product quality attributes on consumer satisfaction are also not largely found in management research. The present study aims to bridge this gap. The study is conducted on e-rickshaw battery brands. The purpose of the study is primarily to identify the product quality attributes of the battery brands and then finding out their impact on consumer satisfaction. The study was conducted in West Bengal, India with a large sample size, and the findings show that the study has been successful in the identification of product quality dimensions of the battery brands and also in finding their impact on consumer satisfaction.


Building a strong brand is the aim of every business. In this pursuit, companies get into several branding activities. They spread awareness about their presence in the market, try to attract people through building relationship, present several offers to the consumers, hire celebrities, and so on. But at the end of the day, they offer some product or service and through this product or service they offer the benefit to the consumers. New products are created or existing products are upgraded to match the expectations of the consumers and it is due to the benefits offered by the product under a brand name, consumers seek them. It can be observed that although different brands offer similar core and functional benefit to their consumers, every brand has a differentiated position in the mind of the consumers and that is largely due to the quality of product they offer. Moreover, it could also be observed that the perception of a consumer about a new product offered


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