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Secured Communication Using Bluetooth

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Pub. Date : August, 2020
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Author Name : Mahtab Alam, Muhammad Kabiru and Usman Ahmad Maikudi
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Bluetooth technology legitimates the topology (piconets) which collects the slaves controlled by master on ad hoc network. Collection of one or more piconets in Bluetooth network is called scatternet. This technology is based on the devices connected for communication at low-powered and short-ranged network application. It is a replacement of wire technology with cordless devices. Bluetooth technology is specification of wireless personal area which connects several devices and exchanges data between mobile phones at very low power consumption. The communication protocols have the feature of complexity of linking address. It is always ready to work in any form either as master or slave, if additional devices are attached in the network. The slave device gets permission to attain period and synchronization if it has been asked by the master device. The intercommunication between multiple Bluetooth devices within an assumed environmental situation is termed as ?piconet?, with their meticulous time slots on a period partition multiplexing base by the master device and the subordinate devices bounded by the master. Reserve distributions are determined by the master and dynamically replicate the data to the desired system. The enrichment in the established Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI) structure creates it a respectable possibility for scatternet requests.


Bluetooth Description
Wireless Bluetooth technology works on link layer and application layer of Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) network model and comprises Radio Frequency (RF) along with product description, figures, opinion and content-centric requests. The specification certifies the material indispensable to confirm the miscellaneous devices together with wireless Bluetooth technology that interconnects each other collectively.


Bluetooth, Intercommunicating devices, Piconets, Scatternets, Security

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