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Optimization of Risering System and Its Experimental Validation Using Casting Simulation

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Pub. Date : August, 2021
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Author Name : Yadav Pranav M, Kumbhar Rushikesh B, Patil Akshaykumar S, Khatavkar Swarup V and Bhushan S Kamble
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Subject/Domain : Engineering
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In the metal casting process, higher yield and minimum defects level are expected by the foundry industries. In the present global and competitive world, metal casting industries need to perform efficiently with a reduction in rejections. The primary goal is to cast a defect-free component, and the secondary goal is to maximize the yield of casting by designing gating system and to find out optimum shape and sizes of feeders/risers, ingates, gates, etc. For obtaining better results, lots of time, the number of iterations and trial-and-error are required on the shop floor for experimentation. Virtually simulated casting trials make certain that actual castings are defect-free at first time and every time then after within a shorter lead time. Casting simulation provides reliable prediction of defects and good results even for complex-shaped castings. In this paper, the primary goal is to minimize the shrinkage defect by designing the appropriate-sized gating system for T section-shaped casting in considering riser dimensions like height and diameter and also maximize the yield of casting component using virtual simulation technique.


Metal casting is one of the direct methods of manufacturing the desired geometry of component. The method is also called near net shape process. It is one of the primary processes of the 21st century. The process of manufacturing a casting device involves creating a cavity inside a sand mold and then pouring the molten metal directly into the mold. Casting is a very versatile process and capable of being used in mass


Metal casting, Virtual casting simulation, Riser, Casting yield