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A Study on Productivity Management Techniques with Reference to Valeo Squib Assembly

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Pub. Date :August, 2021
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Author Name : Ameena Babu V and Ranjith Somasundaran Chakkambath
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Subject/Domain : Management
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The paper sheds light on the productivity management techniques with reference to selected component assembly at a manufacturing unit to analyze the existing processes on the basis of which present and future state maps of valeo squib assembly line productions happen. It is evident here that the cycle time for the production of squib parts was more than the allowable limit and the company is unable to meet demand patterns. Therefore, it becomes inevitable to improve the cycle time in valeo squibs production after modifications in the process. Theoretically, the study used Value Stream Mapping (VSM) technique and waiting/cycle time was reduced. Practically, valeo squib being a part that goes into airbag manufacturing, which in turn caters to the car manufacturers, the scope of this study is further extended to OEMs as well, in terms of saving waiting time in assembly line operations and productivity management from a broader viewpoint.


The term productivity has greater relevance in modern era due to the increasing price of raw materials, labor costs and other expenses. Every organization is looking forward to improving this bottleneck in their system linked with the major portion of their cost. There have been different tools used by experts to measure the productivity and identify the bottlenecks. The decision to select the right tool often leads to a better output and does not generate wrong results. There are different simulation softwares also available to support these investigations.

This paper aims to use the proven concept of Value Stream Mapping (VSM) in an assembly unit in an electronic components manufacturing company based in Kerala. The component manufactured here - valeo squib assembly - has its application in