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Improving Manufacturing Process Efficiency Using Boolean Algebra

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Pub. Date : Aug, 2023
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Author Name : Aaron Kusidi Lutete
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For many manufacturing firms, achieving process efficiency is a core objective which can only be achieved either by input minimization or by output maximization. Nevertheless, there are many constraints. To attain efficiency in the manufacturing process, many engineers have worked on cost reduction. However, its effects on quality cannot be ignored. Quality and cost have a direct relationship. This paper tries to develop an efficiency control system based on Boolean algebra. This control system may be related in many points to different control quality tools. However, the particularity of this system is the inclusion of cost factors into the process. The core focus of apprehension is directed toward a responsive system. The system is based on intrusions by understanding each parameter of efficiency. The application of efficiency control is produced through the correlation between various crucial concepts.


Efficiency incorporates multiple concepts. Some manufacturers try to apply lean production to their processes to increase efficiency. Lean production as a set of principles like value streams tends to "increase initial costs. Elimination of manufacturing waste and implementation of improvement ideas are likely to increase the maintenance costs" (Oskar Olofsson, 2015). Lean production does not guarantee quality as it does not have any effect on quality within the process. Moreover, "misconceptions that making industrial processes more efficient increase unemployment and that shorter workdays decrease productivity, laid the foundations for the discipline of management to be studied, taught, and applied with methodical precision"( Winslow Taylor). There is no pragmatic result that can be directly applied both in cost and quality. We will define efficiency as the process of producing at the same quality as cost reduction. This type of efficiency as it may be considered does not bring value to the process. It allows cost savings by reducing other critical standards like supply quantity and quality. Thus,