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Sustainable Packaging Practices at The Better Packaging Co.

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Pub. Date : Sep' 2022
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Author Name : Hadiya Faheem and Sanjib Dutta
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The case is about New Zealand-based sustainable packaging company The Better Packaging Co. (TBPCo.). At a time when the world was experiencing an explosion in packaging due to rapidly increasing e-commerce businesses, TBPCo. sought to tackle the waste crisis by providing sustainable packaging solutions. One of the first products launched by the company was an innovative sustainable packaging solution-a courier satchel, known as the 'Real Dirt Bag', which was a direct alternative to plastic. The products were home compostable and biodegradable. The company's efforts went beyond packaging. For consumers who could not compost at home, TBPCo. started BCollected-a network of collection points which made it easier for consumers to compost the packaging they received from e-commerce companies using packaging from TBPCo. The packaging solutions provided by TBPCo. were 'not perfectly circular', meaning that the raw materials they used were not totally renewable and all of them were not compostable. Is there a greater need for design, creativity, and innovation to make TBPCo. a truly sustainable packaging business in future? Going forward, what should TBPCo. do to achieve its goal of making compostable packaging mainstream?

We wanted to give retailers better alternatives, and so, The Better Packaging Co. was born. Our mission is to reduce plastic consumption and have brought far more Earth-friendly alternatives to the packing table.1

- Rebecca Percasky, Co-Founder, TBPCo., in 2019.

The success of our business means that there are literally thousands of other business-owners out there wanting to lighten their footprint, to do better by the environment and to make more considered, responsible choices, and that gives me a great sense of hope and helps me sleep at night.2

- Kate Bezar, Co-Founder, TBPCo., in 2019.


In May 2021, Rebecca Percasky (Percasky), cofounder of New-Zealand-based sustainable packaging company The Better Packaging Co. (TBPCo.), was declared as one of the winners of the International Cartier Women's Initiative3 (Cartier). Percasky was chosen by Cartier for being a woman entrepreneur who was making an impact by running a business which emphasized social and environmental sustainability. She was one of the eight winners at Cartier, receiving prize money of $100,000, and was the first New Zealand woman to win the South Asia and Oceania section of the global competition. Commenting on winning the competition, Percasky said, "I feel incredibly honored to be included in a really impressive group of women."4