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Hybrid Workplaces in Post-Pandemic India: Effect on Communication and Managerial Functions

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Pub. Date : Sep, 2022
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Author Name : P V L Ramana and Chethana G Krishna
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Subject/Domain : Management
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The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way we work. The pandemic forced companies to hastily shelve the age-old model of 'complete workforce in the office' to the 'work-from-home' model in March 2020. This study is an attempt to understand if the hybrid workplace is going to be the future of work for most industries and what could be its implications on communication and managerial functions for the employees. Interestingly, in our survey 78.8% of the respondents opined that hybrid workplaces would be the new norm in the future. The study indicates that none of the industries can opt for a complete work from home model, and will instead choose a hybrid workplace. New tools and techniques need to be designed to make this model effective. The main challenge for the companies in adopting the hybrid working model is the segmentation of employees based on on-site presence and off-site work schedule, which varies from industry to industry. Another challenge that companies will face is to assess the productivity of their employees. Keeping a record of onsite discussions and conveying the same to off-site employees will be a communication challenge. As the future of work transforms, it is essential that employers need to design a new work module that is conducive to the organization as well as its employees.


The rapid and robust vaccination drive set in motion by the Indian government, with companies also taking the initiative to vaccinate their employees and their families, has made India Inc. gear up and work on different models for the smooth transition of employees to get back to their offices. A few scholars have indicated how to make organizations agile and resilient:

  • According to Stanford University findings,1 remote workers are more productive and it is a myth to say that qualitative work takes place only in the office cubicles. Interestingly, one study showed 77% have seen their productivity rise during the pandemic.
  • On the other hand, according to an article in Forbes,2 Google plans to cut salaries of remote workers by 25% and stop promotions. Google is under the opinion that challenging tasks can be executed by those who are available in person. One CEO even said those who do not report to work will be demoted.
  • However, Apple in its INC technology Forum on December 16, 2021, said that it would determine a date for employees for returning to work.3