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Understanding and Overcoming Procrastination

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Pub. Date : Sep, 2022
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Author Name : Revathi Turaga
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Workplace procrastination happens when people unnecessarily postpone dealing with work-related tasks. This happens more often than we think, and can lead to serious issues both for the people who procrastinate and for their employers. Overcoming procrastination at work is crucial for keeping ahead in career competition. So, whether you are an employee looking to stop procrastinating yourself, or an employer looking to reduce employee procrastination, it is important to understand why people procrastinate at work, and what can be done to stop this.

Procrastination may not take up a lot of effort physically but without you knowing it, it takes over the mind.

- Stephen Hall


If you often find yourself stuck in a procrastination rut at work or in life, you will learn from this paper the reasons for the same as well as some powerful techniques to overcome procrastination and self-defeating behavior, to break the cycle once and for all.

The Bane of Procrastination
Ever found yourself watching funny videos on the Internet when you should be working on an important project instead? Or noticed anyone putting off writing a crucial document and instead spending time on other trivial tasks? Or ever engaged in tasks not work-related, instead of focusing on work-related activities? Then you have found yourself procrastinating.