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AI-Enabled Adaptive Learning for Special Needs Students

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Pub. Date : Sep, 2023
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Author Name : Amit Das and Sanjeev Malaviya
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Special needs students face various learning challenges during the process of learning. To handle such situations and to support student learning, special education teachers adopt various teaching techniques. The traditional pedagogies of teaching and learning could be customized for each student using AI-enabled adaptive learning system. The system could generate a conducive learning environment for special needs as per their learning needs and level of engagement. This paper focuses on the use of AI-enabled adaptive learning to improve the learning performance and engagement of special needs students.


Artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to impact all aspects of life. The advent of AI has revolutionized the modern education system, and one of the most promising fields of its application is special education. Special education is a set of suggested educational pedagogies, tools and techniques developed to accomplish the unique learning needs of special needs children (Guerra et al., 2018; and Rodrigo and de la Fuente, 2020). The goal is to create an interactive learning environment, provide equal opportunity of education, and fulfill their academic requirements and social development.

1.1 Learning Disabilities in Special Education
Special education handles the following types of disabilities:


Learning engagement, Learning performance, Artificial intelligence (AI), Adaptive learning, Learning disabilities