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TPACK Framework and ICT Integration for Teaching Profession: A Systematic Review

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Pub. Date : Sep, 2023
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Author Name : Hanin Badsah
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Education is directly impacted by technology's continued advancement and integration into many sectors of society. As a result, Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPACK) was created as a framework to instruct teachers on how to relate their pedagogy, content and technological knowledge with each other. The technology has since undergone major alterations after it was first articulated. In addition, TPACK's applicability was constrained by its reliance on research, terminology choice and teacher expertise emphasis. As a result, research supporting TPACK's numerous dimensions was added and TPACK eventually became focused on pupils' acquiring 21st-century abilities. This paper describes TPACK, comprehends its use and examines the role of TPACK framework in teachers' teaching competency, Information and Communications Technology (ICT) integration in teaching, and its significance in education. A systematic review of literature relevant to TPACK and ICT integration in various forms has been performed.


Information and Communications Technology (ICT) is used in the teaching-learning process as a part of technology integration, which aims to increase student achievement and serves as a tool for students to meet the learning objectives (Usluel et al., 2007). Today's culture is heavily reliant on technology, and as demand grows on educational systems to adopt new technologies, teachers' capacity for innovation and changeresponse has emerged as a critical success component. Technology is being used in classrooms, and students are being taught properly, while also adjusting to new technological developments. ICT has become one of the most significant components of life and is always changing and developing; it has had a big influence on the growth and remodeling of teaching profession by changing the education-teaching process as it exists in all professional sectors (Graham et al., 2009). It is a concept developed to describe the body of knowledge that instructors must convey to their students, using technology, in order to instruct them effectively.


Information and Communications Technology (ICT), Educational technology, Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPACK) , 21st Century skills, TPACK components