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Smart Highway: The Road of Tomorrow

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Pub. Date : Sep, 2023
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Author Name : G Mahalaxmi, T Aditya Sai Srinivas and A David Donald
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Subject/Domain : Engineering
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The term "smart highway" refers to the way advanced technologies and smart systems are built into roads to make them safer, more efficient and more environment-friendly. Smart highways have sensors, cameras and other monitoring systems that collect and send information about traffic flow, weather and road hazards in real time. This information is subsequently processed and utilized to optimize traffic flow, enhance road safety and minimize congestion. Moreover, smart roads contain technologies such as charging stations for electric vehicles and intelligent lighting systems, which further improve their sustainability and efficiency. This paper provides a concise summary of the intelligent highway idea and illustrates the possible benefits of this unique approach to transportation infrastructure.


Transportation infrastructure development has always been an important part of human growth because it makes it easier for people and goods to move over long distances. With the need to minimize carbon emissions and encourage sustainable modes of transportation, and the increasing demands placed on existing transportation networks, a new concept has emerged: "smart highway" (Ashwin et al., 2022).

A smart highway is a new way to build transportation infrastructure that uses smart systems and advanced technologies to make roads safer, more efficient, and better for the environment. Plans call for these highways to have a number of sensors, cameras, and other monitoring devices that collect and send out real-time information about things like traffic flow, weather and road hazards. This information is then evaluated and used to optimize traffic flow, improve road safety and reduce congestion, while also boosting sustainability through the integration of technologies such as electric vehicle charging stations and smart lighting systems (Sandip et al., 2023).


Internet of Things (IoT), Smart highways