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Cyberterrorism and Security of Critical Infrastructures: An Emerging Challenge for India

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Pub. Date : Oct 2021
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Author Name : Sumanta Meher
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In the current situation, the intense use of the Internet for official as well as private communication makes everyone more dependent on cyberspace. Being dependent on cyberspace is beneficial for development, but it makes our workstations more vulnerable. After looking at the recent incidents of cyberterrorism, every country is more concerned about attacks on critical infrastructures. The Indian Government formed the "National Critical Information Infrastructure Protection Centre" in 2014 as a national nodal agency for the protection of critical infrastructure. After considering the contemporary facts as stated above, this paper ascertains the jurisprudential concept of cyberterrorism and the protection of critical infrastructures. After discussing the international initiatives, this paper critically analyzed the Indian legislation relating to combating cyberterrorism and securing critical infrastructures.


The predominance of information technology today makes human beings more dependent on cyberspace.1 Nowadays, various aspects of human needs are operated through cyber technology.2 Whether it is communication, installations of power plants, air traffic control, military installations, banks, train traffic control and all other critical infrastructures of the country are operating and controlling through the advanced cyber technologies.3 Although experts have made these cyber technologies more secure to use for important public and private activities, these are vulnerable to hacking by experts. In the opinion of a cyber scholar, "cyberspace has inherent vulnerabilities that cannot be removed"4 and "anything or everything of the cyberspace can be