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Competency-Based Human Resource Management

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Pub. Date : October, 2021
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Over the years, Competency-based Human Resource Management has received increasing attention from HR practitioners and involves the use of competency models as the basis for various HRM practices. Despite this increasing popularity, published works in the area of competencies are meagre. Though the call to replace the traditional job-based approach to HRM with a competency-based approach in order to achieve maximum positive impact, came way back in the 1990s (Lawler, 1994; and Campion et al., 2011), the issues they raised continue to be pertinent in today's organizational environments - changing nature of work, global competition, rapidly changing environment leading to organizational change, and the trend towards flatter organizational structures. From the ontological and epistemological perspectives, the competency-based approach to HRM focuses on the world outside the individual and the gathering of evidence through observable human behaviors. The benefit of this approach is that adult human talent can be developed.

As environments are changing and becoming more dynamic and volatile in most organizations, the need for aligning employee knowledge and behavior with the organizational adaptive strategy is essential. Competency mapping and assessment is critical for this alignment (Campion et al., 2020) and thus the book Competency-Based Human Resource Management by Anindya Basu Roy and Sumati Ray (Roy and Ray, 2019) assumes importance for both students and practitioners.