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Examining the Influence of Self-Efficacy and Conscientiousness on the Freelancers' Self-Leadership: A Study in India

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Pub. Date : October, 2021
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Author Name :Keerti Shukla, Surajit Saha and Musarat Shaheen
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Self-leadership strategies make employees agile in today's uncertain and ambiguous work environment. But there exists a debate whether self-leadership is an inborn or developable characteristic. Thus, the present study attempts to investigate whether an individual psychological resource (i.e., self-efficacy), which is malleable in nature, and individual personality trait (i.e., conscientiousness), which is relatively fixed over a period of time, can predict self-leadership. The influence of conscientiousness as a personality trait and self-efficacy as a personal resource on self-leadership were examined based on the data collected from 103 professionals working in different industries of India. Correlations and regression analysis was performed to investigate the impact. The findings indicated a significant effect of self-efficacy and conscientiousness on self-leadership. More interestingly, the data shows that self-efficacy is more critical for self-leadership compared to conscientiousness. The findings of the study suggest several avenues for the engendering of self-leaders at the workplace.


Cost-effectiveness is one of the strategic tools for an organization's survival. A good amount of money is required for developing and retaining leaders of an organization. To perform in a Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous work environment (VUCA), organizations are developing their human resource as an agile workforce who can work independently and take crucial decisions like leadership development (Mack et al., 2015). Creating more self-leaders is a better cost-effective investment. Self-leaders are the ones who are good at self-analysis and can manage and lead themselves across all challenging situations. The conceptualization of self-leadership has its foundation in the self