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Application of Theory of Planned Behavior for Assessing Entrepreneurial Behavior of Workers in the Unorganized Sector

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Pub. Date : October, 2021
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Author Name : P Venkateswarlu and R R Reddy
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The literature on women workforce that rejoin work after a career break, is limited to either determinants or consequences. However, there is a need to identify and understand career development models that focus on career breaks and women re-joining the workplace. This will give an understanding and insight into the factors that determine and influence women to return to work. Therefore, the paper reviews existing career development models in the available literature and proposes a comprehensive framework of factors that influence a woman's decision to re-join work post career break. The factors have been classified as internal and external factors. An understanding of the factors can help organizations as well as individuals contribute towards supporting women to rejoin work post career break.


Career motivation and development have long been topics of great interest for both practitioners and academic research. This has led to a plethora of research on career and career development which resulted in several career models. However, many of these models are not specific to women and their issues. This is especially critical for women who leave work to look after their families, responsibilities of caring for younger children, elders, etc. Several papers have focused on the reasons why women leave the workplace (Hanson et al., 2008; and Metz, 2011), but rarely have researchers investigated the reasons for women returning to work after a break. This paper aims to understand the reasons why women who have left the workplace want to return to work by reviewing the literature on the career models. It aims to understand the influence of internal factors