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Strengthening of Open Ground Storey Building Frame Including Soil-Structure Interaction

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Pub. Date : Oct, 2021
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Author Name : Deepa Sunil Mahalkari* and Hemant Sonawadekar
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Subject/Domain : Science and Technology
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Open Ground Storey (OGS) buildings, which are vertically irregular, are open to damages under seismic activity as a cause of discrepancy of infill stiffness over the building height. The design procedure is generally based on fixed base condition neglecting the soil flexibility below the foundation, which adversely affects the building's seismic performance. The flexible base tends to reduce structural stiffness by augmenting its natural period. Though this interrelationship between the structure and soil is of great concern in the seismic analysis of OGS structures, no guidelines are available on Soil-Structure Interaction (SSI) in the Indian Standard Codes. Eventually, strengthening of OGS structure becomes vital in order to enhance the seismic performance of such buildings. The paper intends to improve the OGS building performance considering several strengthening schemes, including SSI. The behavior of fully infilled frame and difference in behavior of OGS frame with the provision of stiffer column, bracings and additional columns in the soft first storey are studied by carrying out the analysis in ETABS.


Open Ground Storey (OGS) buildings are habitually constructed to offer parking area or reception lobby within metropolitan cities. The higher storeys are very much stiff causing increase in base shear. Moreover, owing to the existence of infill, they shift jointly as a solitary block oscillating rear and front alike an inverted pendulum for the duration of a seismic activity with not much impairment as majority of the damage occurs in the open foremost storey, not including the infill. The open first storey will be subjected to large horizontal displacement; additionally, the columns will get severely stressed in resisting the base shear possibly causing structural collapse. Consequently, such buildings become detrimental in earthquake zone (Swajit and Pradeep, 2014).


Open Ground Storey (OGS), Soil-Structure Interaction (SSI), Strengthening schemes