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Pub. Date : Oct, 2022
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Sugata Marjit was born on December 4, 1959, to Smt Chitra (Mukherjee) Marjit and Sri Ram Kimar in Maldah, West Bengal. Owing to frequent transfers of his father, this young boy had to pass through seven schools and yet finished schooling securing a position right below the top 10 in the state of West Bengal.

Believing that economics is "a good choice both for competitive exams and pursuing higher studies", young Marjit joined Presidency College, Kolkata- a century-old institution that has groomed many well-known Indian scientists and economists-for doing BA (Honors) in economics. Enjoying the intellectual frisson emanated from his interactions with the brightest students and the galaxy of great professors, he secured first class third position along with a national scholarship for postgraduate studies.

He then joined the University of Calcutta for his MA, where under the mentorship of Dr Ajit Choudhry he could develop active interest in economics. Securing first class first in MA, he went to University of Rochester for doing his PhD. Working on current account and exchange rate movements of large developing countries, global trade in intermediates, and trade and unemployment that are interrelated under the guidance of wellknown international trade economist Ronald Jones, he submitted his thesis, "Three Essays on Trade of Developing Nations", to secure PhD in 1985.