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Impact of Organizational Culture and Perceived Organizational Support on Employee Engagement in BPO Sector

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Pub. Date : October, 2022
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Author Name : John E P
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Employee engagement determines the involvement of a person in an organization. It is influenced by organizational culture and perceived organizational support. Given this fact, an integrated approach to employee engagement helps in achieving sustainable business results. This study seeks to find out if a significant relationship exists between employee engagement, organizational culture and perceived organizational support, including demographics. It is descriptive in nature and based on a sample of 347 employees in the Business Process Outsourcing sector. The study shows that employees are highly influenced by workplace relationships and behaviors.


In recent years, the area of employee engagement has attracted a lot of interest. It is claimed that employee engagement practices predict employee outcomes, organizational success, and financial performance (e.g., total shareholder return) (Bates, 2004; and Baumruk, 2004). Also, employee engagement is on the decline, and there is a deepening disengagement among employees today. It has even been reported that a majority of workers today are not fully engaged or are disengaged, leading to what has been referred to as an "engagement gap" that is costing businesses huge losses in productivity (Johnson et al., 2004). Over the past few decades, the Indian economy has evolved from one with a primarily agricultural base, manufacturing, construction, mining, oil, and gas followed by exponential growth in the service sector. Combined with demographic changes, this shift in the country's economic base has presented India with some imminent challenges.

Most researchers have brought out the connection between employees' level of engagement at work and long-term outcomes for organizations. A study by Rich