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Geotechnical Approach to Foundation Design

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Pub. Date : October, 2022
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Author Name : Apoorva Antin and Vinayak G Mutalik Desai
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Foundation in construction is part of a structural system that supports and anchors the superstructure of a building. Settlement and bearing capacity are crucial factors in the foundation design of a building or structure. The two main components of foundation settlement are consolidation settlement and instantaneous (or elastic) settlement. The ultimate bearing capacity is the greatest load that the soil beneath the foundation can support before failing due to shear. The applied loads, soil stiffness, and geometrical characteristics of the foundation have an impact on shallow foundation settlement. Settlement calculations are based on soil properties which are obtained from field and laboratory investigations. In this study, laboratory tests are performed on samples gathered from the site, and settlement calculations are computed using conventional methods; also, software analysis and settlements were recorded.


Every civil engineering construction, whether it is a bridge, building, highway pavement or railroad track, will have a superstructure and a foundation. Transferring stresses from the building to the soil beneath is the foundation's fundamental purpose. When choosing a foundation, consider its "net loading capacity", as opposed to the soil's "allowable soil pressure". The foundation system consists of two parts: "Geotechnical Design" and "Structural Design" phases. While structural design focuses on the structural requirements, geotechnical design considers the influence of the soil on the design. Geotechnical design primarily aims at determining the design proportions of the foundation that satisfy "bearing capacity" and "settlement," also referred to as geotechnical design requirements (Jinhua et al., 2021).


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