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Soil Stabilization Using Geopolymer Mortar

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Pub. Date : October, 2022
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Author Name : S Kumaravel, S Selvamuthukumar and Ilango Sivakumar
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Subject/Domain : Science and Technology
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In construction, the foundation is an integral part of a structure and its function is to transfer the building loads safely into the ground and to keep the settlement within permissible limits. Here, soil is an essential component of the earth's surface that transfers building load through the foundation. Generally, different foundations are adopted depending on the different soil conditions and number of floor loads to be transferred to the deeper strata. Therefore, improving the bearing capacity of soil by experimental stabilization achieves better strength at required shallow depth. This paper develops an improved bearing capacity for shallow foundations on clays considering actual soil constitutive behavior. The geopolymer-stabilized soil specimens were synthesized and characterized with compressive strength testing and effective soil stabilizer for clay soils.


Soil is a natural body consisting of layers (soil horizons) that are primarily composed of minerals, mixed with at least some organic matter, which differ from their parent materials in their texture, structure, consistency, color, and chemical, biological and other characteristics. It is the unconsolidated or loose covering of fine rock particles that covers the surface of the earth. Soil is the end product of the influence of the climate, relief (slope), organisms, parent materials (original minerals) and time. In engineering terms, soil is referred to as regolith, or loose rock material that lies above the 'solid geology'. In construction, soil is the main part of structures to transfer the load, which may lack sufficient strength to support the loading either during construction or throughout the service life.

To improve the strength and stiffness of less competent soils, chemical stabilization with cementitious materials has been widely practiced (Djwantoro, 2010). The process of soil stabilization helps to achieve the requiredproperties


Fly ash, Geopolymer mortar, Bearing capacity, Soil stabilization