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Atmospheric Marketing: New Way to Create Consumer Perception Towards a Coffee Outlet

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Pub. Date : November, 2021
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Author Name : Seeboli Ghosh, Radhika Ramesh and Madhurima Ganguly
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Subject/Domain : Marketing
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With the paradigm shift in retail from brick-and-mortar stores to e-tailing, retail marketers are forced to incorporate different experiential techniques as their survival strategies. Effective marketing communication points are created through atmospheric marketing in retail. Retail organizations have started paying attention to create a positive buying atmosphere that ultimately leads to desired emotional effects in the purchasing behavior of consumers. Though this is a burning topic in the Western markets, not many studies have been conducted on this aspect in India. This current study seeks to explore the relationship between different factors of store ambience that influence consumers' perceptions towards the coffee outlets. Also, this paper provides significant statistical insights on the topic.


Marketing managers have always sought an in-depth understanding of factors that influence the buying behavior of customers. The retail outlets are continually made up in order to match the tastes of the customers. The store atmospherics is made up of a combination of different elements like color, lighting, design, layout, sound and scents, which have an influence on the buying behavior of customers.

Over the years, atmospheric marketing has been a well-researched topic. A significant number of studies have been conducted on fundamental atmospheric elements like light, layout, music, staff, etc. (e.g., Turley and Milliman, 2000; and Dunne and Lusch, 2004). However, most of the studies talked about the importance of further research in this domain. Very few studies have been conducted on some of the topics like the effects of the integrated atmosphere on consumer's purchasing decision, how the atmosphere can create a different impact on different consumer segments, how different categories of retail are impacted by atmospheric marketing, etc. Most of the studies in this domain tried to analyze empirically how single variables create an impact on the mind of the