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The Impact of Students' Overall Experience Quality on Loyalty

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Pub. Date : November, 2021
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Author Name : P Venkateswarlu
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Students are the principal customers for universities and institutions offering higher education. To succeed in the increasingly competitive market, it has become imperative for universities to provide overall experience in terms of quality and satisfy the needs and expectations of the stakeholders, primarily the students and the parents. This study was conceived as an attempt to determine the correlation between the dimensions of student experience quality, including service outcome quality, interaction quality and peer-to-peer interaction quality, corresponding to the overall student experience quality and loyalty. The results indicated that a significantly positive correlation exists between all these dimensions. Universities offering higher education must recognize that these dimensions are very important to retain students and enhance their loyalty towards the university.


Education is vital for the development of a society, country and civilization at large. Presently, education is a trillion-dollar industry worldwide. With globalization, universities are spreading their reach beyond geographical and political borders. 'Education Services' is one of the twelve sectors defined by the World Trade Organization as service. Today, a nation's growth or progress depends on the quality of higher education, more than ever in the human history. People with the right repertoire of skills, possessing higher capacity to learn have unlimited opportunities for unprecedented economic fulfillment. Universities are now actively pursuing students using a wide variety of strategies to market their courses.

Service Quality
The premise of "service quality" as one of the tools for attaining advantage over the competitors and lead the institutions in a market-driven system has been pertinently recognized in the educational sector. Service quality has become increasingly important to be the market leader and also to maintain an institution's position in the highly competitive environment. Researchers around the globe have affirmatively established that offering quality services to the customers renders sustainable competitive advantage.