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A New Marketing Communication Model for Car Subscription in India

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Pub. Date : Nov, 2022
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Author Name : Rinky Trivedi and Anupama Chirag Dave
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Subject/Domain : Marketing
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Preferences are changing swiftly. This paradigm shift has been absorbed by the fourwheeler industry to carve a niche for itself. An innovative model with respect to usage of cars has been created—the vehicle subscription model with a potential to offer enormous benefits to the user. But unfortunately, it has not been able to penetrate well in Indian markets; lack of awareness and craze for ownership has been identified as a predominant barrier to the success of this model. The study adopted both descriptive and exploratory research. Descriptive research aims to understand the factors that are considered by consumers when they make a decision to buy a car. These factors included 28 identified items based on literature and the benefits of the vehicle subscription model. Exploratory research was undertaken to understand the present communication, for which content analysis of YouTube ads was done. The results of descriptive research were mapped with the content analysis to propose managerial implications. Appropriate advertisement and promotion can help create right positioning for the subscription model. This can contribute to building awareness and positive association. The findings of the study aided in developing the “OO-SS Cost-Benefit Communication Model”. The study is unique in terms of its contribution, as not much academic research is available in the domain of vehicle subscription. It has tried to integrate the perspectives of respondents in determining an apt communication message.


The subscription model has not gained much popularity in the Indian context when it comes to the four-wheeler segment. Recently, the popularity of the subscription model has increased among Indian users owing to the services provided by the players in the media/entertainment industry such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Spotify, etc., to name a few. Zellner (2019) mentioned that the subscription model originated in the 17th century when the English book publishing industry launched its first subscription offer. The Indian automobile market currently has three categories of players providing subscription or short-term leasing options. The first is the traditional leasing companies having players like Orix, Myles, and Avis. The second is the mobility companies such as Zoomcar and Revv, and the last are the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) who have started with such services considering the untapped potential in this segment.