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Efficacy of Indian Brand Slogans: Hidden Insights

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Pub. Date : Nov, 2022
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Author Name : B Nagarjuna
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A slogan is a phrase meant to communicate a clear message. Slogans are often short yet rhyme in order for readers or audiences to recall them quickly. Most slogans contain a message designed to assist customers in comprehending and experiencing the benefit, often known as an important, critical, or key factor. The author’s aim is to provide advice and assistance to businesses on the considerable advantages of creating a powerful and effective brand slogan. In this study, for a category-wise analysis, a sample of 311 slogans was taken and sub-classified into food product slogans, service slogans, general category slogans, and corporate brand slogans. The study concludes that a slogan can be around four words in length, conveying a functional benefit in the case of a product or service and a non-functional benefit (corporate image or branding) in the case of corporate branding slogans. The importance of rhyme and language in the creation of slogans varies.


A slogan is a collection of words intended to convey a powerful message and is also known as the punchline, tagline and endline. It is an important component of advertisements. Slogans are often short yet rhyme so that readers or audiences may remember them quickly. Furthermore, most slogans include a message that aims to help clients comprehend and experience the advantage, which is referred to as a crucial or critical or key factor. According to Padrakali and Chitra (2017), slogans give a firm or its products a personality. It is a succinct but powerful manner of conveying a message. Slogans are simple, quick, and easy to remember. An appeal or a happy moment in the life of a product may be used in advertising slogans. A good slogan will attract the prospects to benefits of a product or service or a brand. Slogans are meant to be distinctive and reflect company image.