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Green Quotient and Adoption of Internet Banking as a Contributor to Sustainability: A Study of Underprivileged Customers

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Pub. Date : Nov, 2022
Product Name : The IUP Journal of Marketing Management
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Author Name : R Venkataraman and Ashwini A N
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Subject/Domain : Marketing
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Climate change is a pressing issue that is of huge concern in economies across the world. This makes it even more challenging for strategic decision makers to adopt new business strategies to develop and sustain the competitive advantages essential for attracting and retaining loyal consumers. Different studies have been conducted to understand the relationship between sustainable practices and green consumer behavior specific to products and services in different market conditions. Yet, it is important to note that context, nature and market differences have a greater influence on the nature and significance of the said relationship. In this frame of reference, the present study focuses on understanding the level of awareness underprivileged consumers, who are at the bottom of the economic pyramid, have about the objective of environmental concerns and associate the same as an important factor for decision-making. The study focuses on underprivileged retail banking consumers such as microentrepreneurs, street vendors, domestic workers, etc., who either discontinue or are deprived of formal education, making it challenging for them to get exposure to environmental issues.


Climate change has made it imperative for the global economies to replace unsustainable practices with a more sustainable approach for both present and future needs of humans and life at large on planet earth. This requires everyone to work, keeping in mind the individual and organizational goals as well as goals of sustainability for the planet and people. In the recent past, we have witnessed varied innovative approaches to products, processes and business models for incorporating sustainable business practices. The issue of sustainability has been one of the top priorities as well as the unique differentiator for businesses to attract and retain loyal customers.