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Fatigue Life of Rapid Processed Polymer Specimen: An Experimental Investigation

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Pub. Date : Nov, 2022
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Author Name : Venkatesh K Havanur
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In materials science, fatigue load is the most major type of load acting on structural components. About 90% of the components fail due to fatigue. Hence, determining the fatigue life of a material is an important aspect in engineering applications. The fatigue life is estimated as number of cycles to failure. In this paper, fatigue life of rapid processed ABS polymer material is determined using rotating bending fatigue test machine. The specimen is prepared in 3D printing machine. This ABS material specimen is shaped like a dog bone, and specimens are tested on the machine. Experimental and simulation tests are carried out, and the results obtained are within acceptable limits. The bending moment applied on the specimen varied from 40 kgf-cm to 70 kgf-cm. The experimental results are compared with the simulation results. The maximum stress or bending stress obtained by manual calculation for 70 kgf-cm bending moment is 136.58 MPa, and by simulation, it is 122.43 MPa with an error of 10.36%. The number of cycles to failure for 70 kgf-cm bending moment obtained by experiment is 9,801 cycles, and by simulation, it is 10,031 cycles with an error of 2.3%. The range of values obtained by experiment and simulation is plotted as stress (S) v/s number of cycles to failure (N) graph.


"Polymer processing" may be defined as the manufacturing activity of converting raw polymeric materials into finished products of desirable shape, microstructure and properties. Fatigue life is defined as the number of loading (stress) cycles of a specified character that a specimen sustains before failure of a specified nature occurs. The


Fatigue, Number of cycles to failure, Fatigue life, Polymer, Rapid processing, 3D printing machine, ABS material