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Strategic Conversations with the ceo: Constructing an Outline Agenda for Action

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Pub. Date : Dec, 2020
Product Name : Effective Executive
Product Type : Coaching and Mentoring
Product Code : EECM11220
Author Name : Michael Walton
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Subject/Domain : Management
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This paper offers advice for newly appointed executives on what they should focus on as they transition into their new responsibilities. The advice comes from sources experienced in appointing, working with, and advising top executives. Whilst directed at the CEO level, the advice has applicability for all those in positions of executive authority. Whilst setting the 'direction of travel', etc. for an organization remains a primary responsibility for top executives and senior executives, they rely on others to get things done. Consequently, much of an executive's success will depend on the clarity of the 'strategic' business-focused conversations reached with key colleagues. Examples of the topics covered during such conversations are drawn from the advice given to newly appointed CEOs.


The purpose of this paper is to provide practical hints and guidance to readers who have, or who are in the process of transiting to, a new executive position. Whilst the guidance is specifically directed to CEO appointments, the topics covered and suggestions outlined will be generally applicable to those who hold executive positions at all levels. The guidance will also be of particular interest to those seeking to become future CEOs or managing directors. Executives rely on others to get things done. Much of an executive's success revolves around the quality of the relationships and understandings they have established with key colleagues. At the heart of these understandings will be conversations about the strategic direction of their part of the business and the priority issues which need to be tackled. It is on the content of such conversations that this paper is primarily focused. The various tips and insights described show what are likely to be the main issues and concerns for executives as they assume new responsibilities. As such they offer the interested reader an 'outline agenda' of what they may need to think about, and prepare for, when taking up their next executive position.