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The Effect of Educational Technology on Cadets' Academic Performance in a Military University

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Pub. Date : Dec, 2020
Product Name : The IUP Journal of Information Technology
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Author Name : Abraham E Evwiekpaefe and Valerie P Lawi
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Subject/Domain : Engineering
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In this era of rapid technological advancement, Educational Technology (ET) can be utilized to improve the academic performance of students. It is therefore necessary to consider the individual and salient factors that play an important role in the use of ET with regard to academic performance. This study proposes a model to determine the effect of ET on cadets' academic performance in Nigerian Defense Academy (NDA), Kaduna, Nigeria. The study employs the survey method, choosing 120 cadets randomly from the five faculties at NDA. A questionnaire containing 32 questions was administered. The hypotheses were tested using the Pearson product moment correlation coefficient in SPSS statistics. The result shows that there was a positive effect of performance expectancy, effort expectancy, behavioral intention, teaching effectiveness and actual usage on academic performance. However, facilitating conditions and social influence had no significant effect on academic performance. The proposed model fits moderately at 42.9%. However, the findings demonstrate some challenges facing the cadets in using ET, which included insufficient ET tools, inability to access internet facilities and lack of sufficient time to use the available technology due to the hectic military training. The study recommends that NDA should invest more in providing and maintaining ET. Lecturers should be more acquainted with the use of ET, gives its positive impact on academic performance.


Education is a broad discipline and a vital activity that is responsible for changing the behavior of persons with the aid of appropriate methods, approaches and procedures of teaching and learning. The significance of education, especially in a developing country like Nigeria, has increased because of the need to catch up with the developed world in several areas, particularly in global competitiveness and best practices. As the world grows more towards being a global village, the need to innovate in teaching practices with particular reference to Educational Technology (ET) becomes imperative if an attempt is to be made to bridge the gap between the developing and developed world (Adebayo and Balogun, 2019).


Academic performance, Cadet, Educational Technology, Information and Communications Technology (ICT)